Horizon Hauling is a family owned company that is operated by the Johnson brothers. It originated in Teepee Creek, AB and is now based in Clairmont, AB. Horizon’s ownership is from a small agriculturally based farming community, which is why our company values are structured from community. Horizon Hauling's team puts our community culture first foremost before profits and margins. This is the reason Horizon believes in giving back is so important for community growth, sponsorship of activities and projects that add to the community is a measure of success in our culture.

Horizon Hauling was incorporated in 1994 with only one tank truck and one operator. The company now consists of over 25 tank trucks, which include a variety of 7 and 8 axle stainless steel and aluminum units. Currently our fleet is operated by a staff of over 30 employees; of which over 60% of our operators are over 5+ years’ experience in their roles. Horizon Hauling also operates a successful lease operator program. Horizon Hauling’s fleet and company growth has also developed into the construction and operation of a provincially licensed CVIP facility, giving us the ability to confidently certify a fleet of safe equipment, which are traveling on the same roads as you and your family. 

  • Our versatile fleet consists of Stainless Steel 7 and 8 axle units capable of handling a diverse range of products, our fleet of Tri-Quads, Tri-Tri’s, Body Jobs, and Floaters at your disposal, we always have the right truck ready to be dispatched

  • Horizon Hauling has dedicated sour sealed units that do not require venting while loading/unloading while working in highly sensitive resident populated or environmentally sensitive areas.  Zero tank venting means zero atmospheric hazards to other workers on locations and zero complaints of sour smell from the local public.

  • Horizon’s fleet is 100% GPS tracked and monitored for public safety, our driver’s safety and to ensure our compliance within Transport Canada NSC Regulations, Hours of Service and Electronic Logbooks.  

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